Saturday, September 27, 2014

Exotic Discus Fish

If you like fish and especially exotic fish then you probably have heard of discus fish.  They are a joy to look at, and are very breahttaking to behold!  If you beauty is in teh eye of the beholder then all will find this fish beautfiul.  There official name is Symphysodon, but most just all them discus, and they come from the cichilids family.

If you have ever thought about buying an exotic you may want think about getting this type of fish because they make wonderful pets for the whole family.  Everybody in my house loves these types of fish.  They are very entertaining and we can stare at them for hours and hours.

If you think about getting one or two then I would reccomend learning a lot about them.  You may want to even learn about discus breeding.  You can learn about breeding because maybe one day you can sell some of them and make a profit!  This way you can make an easy buck off of the fish that you love.  You will also make sure purchase the correct discus tank for your fish.

All in all the make great pets, and have an easy diet.  They are fun for everybody and all my guest love them.  Make sure you study all about them and check out resources like this one: because they know what they are talking about.  Thanks for checking this out and God bless you!  peace!

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