Thursday, 7 October 2010

Swami Sivananda Proves Existence Of God From The Study Of Nature

Who provides food for the little frog that lives hidden between the strata of rocks?Who has clothed the fruits with skin to prevent contamination from outside? Who divided the season? Who made the water warm beneath the ice to enable the fishes to live comfortably in the icy regions of the Himalayas, and other places? Who has combined four parts of nitrogen with the one part of oxygen?

At whose command does the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening? The sun is
92,830,000 miles away from the earth. What a great wonder that from such a long distance the sun is able to convey light, heat, energy and vitality to all the living beings who inhabit the earth. There are millions of suns larger and smaller than the one which we see, but which appear to us like tiny stars on account of their being remoter than the sun with which we are acquainted. It takes millions of years for the light from these stars to reach this earth. Velocity of light is 186,000 miles per
second. Light from some distant stars has not yet reached us even now. What a great marvel it is! All these stars, planets, and satellites are revolving in the sky in fixed orbits from day to day, month to month and year to year, under immutable, definite laws. God is the Niyanta (controller). The sun cannot shine without Him. Fire cannot burn without Him.

Who supplies water to the trees, flowers, various shrubs, etc., that are found in this world? Who is this unseen, untiring gardener who works without wages or any sort of remuneration? Who gives nourishment in time to tigers, lions, birds, fishes, plants, insects, worms, etc.? How is it that only human beings are born of human beings, birds of birds, tigers of tigers, dogs of dogs, horses of horses, elephants of elephants, ants of ants, bears of bears, mules of mules,- an exact copy of their parents in every respect? From a tiny seed there springs a huge banyan tree that can give shelter for thousands of persons. From a tiny seed there comes out a big mango tree that gives thousands of delicious fruits. What is that power which supports and nourishes these trees? What is that hidden,miraculous power that brings out huge form with hair, fingers, toes, eyes, nose, teeth, ears, legs,thighs, etc., out of a tiny embryo? What is that power that brings out a mighty tree with foliage,flowers, twigs and fruit out of a tiny seed?


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