Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dr Raju Says Self-inquiry facilitates us to sit in the source of being

From the past 150 yrs there is rapid change in the structure of the human society all over the world due to rapid industrialization,over population,uneven distribution of wealth among humanity,unemployment,computerization,expansion of mass media through so many news papers with their concocted stories,electronic media through TV with thousands of channels banging our brain with so much information majority of which is unwanted and unwarrented. and all these combined together are keeping the man always in a state of thinking and so all our limited energy is confined to head only all the time.

Added to this our social upbringing with its conditioning and its customs,values and the educational system,all these encourage to think more,memorize more,accumulate knowledge more and such people are glorified in the present day society.

So everything around us is trying to keep our limited energy in the head only.Human society became completely head oriented,they forgot heart and left the soul in the darkness.Even when we are free we go on thinking or feeling something because that is the only thing we know of.We do not know how to relax in our source of being when we are free.

We go to clubs,cinemas,watching TV for hours together,playing computer games for hours,enjoying social net working for hours together,possessing wealth and money in the pursuit of pleasure and hoping to avoid pain and misery with all these available escapes.

All these involve thinking and keep our energy concentrated in head only.Any escape from “what is” involves thinking.But we do not know how to face and live with “what is” which demands passive awareness with a witnessing state of the mind.

If all energy is used in the head we will never be able to touch the source of our being which is eternal.So we must learn how to go inward and touch our source of being.Going inward simply means “not to go on moving in the head”.When energy leaves the source it turns intothoughts,feelings,emotions,relationships with the others and the nature.

But when energy does not move from the source either into mind,heart or outside it just there pulsating,vibrating and is synchronous with the heart beat of whole existence.This is possible in Self-inquiry.It facilitates the energy to come out of the head and go to its basic source.

When we sit at the very basic source there happens an implosion with the breaking of shell of the ego and the awareness so far imprisoned in the ego is released and becomes one with the infinite pure consciousness of the Self.Then a tremendous force arises and there is transformation of energy into light and love,compassion,creativity.Implosion does not mean that we have to stop thinking forever.

But we stop identifying with the body,with ideas,dogmas,beliefs etc permanently so thought loses its capacity to weave a personality again.In implosion we lose personality which is the shell of ego but individuality is retained.It is just like this.If a pot is there in an inverted position there is space inside the pot enclosed.(Ghatakasa) which is apparently is in separation from the rest of the infinite space(Mahakasa) by the pot.If the pot is broken the space inside the pot naturally becomes one with the infinite space of existence.Same thing happens with implosion.

The so called limited awareness of the mind(kinchijna) becomes one with the infinite pure consciousness and a great creative energy is released.It is just like placing the fish living in the limitations of aquarium in the infinite ocean.Realization simply means that we are always aware and alert and capable of moving into the source.When we need the head we can move the energy into the head and when there is need to love we can move energy into the heart.

This to and fro movement of energy from source to head and heart is quite obvious in saints like Buddha,Ramana Maharshi,Sri Ramakrishna,Osho and JK.When thinking is not needed we have to relax back into our source of being.Then blissfulness surrounds us as a radiation.And once in a while if there is a need we can manage all mental and heart functions efficiently without any disturbances.Whenever there is no need to function either from the mind or heart,we need not unnecessarily think or feel,but we can just “be”.

If we can be in a state of “being” even for few minutes in a day that is enough to know the nature of our being.This is for this understanding of our being that we are created.Existence wants to fulfill itself through us.Let us cooperate with the existence by being synchronous with it.

About the Author

Sri Suryanarayana Raju is interested in Self-Enquiry in the light of Sri Ramana Maharshi,Osho,JK.He wrote two books on "Self-Enquiry" and "Commented on Upadesa Saram and Akshara Mana Malai". available for download at http://www.esnips.com/ web/ramana-maharshi


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