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Suryanarayana Raju: Self-inquiry is the process of dissolution of ego in Self awareness

We live with the ego,in ego,centered in the ego.We say "I","I" without knowing
its import.We do not know the nature of "I" but we go on announcing "I am,I am".

So this type of I amness is false because we do not know who this "I" is.So the one who says "I" is a false "I".Many think that Self-inquiry is to find out really "who am i".

In Self-inquiry if we can cling to "I" thought constantly other thoughts are rejected.So the whole bundle of thoughts which is commonly called ego is rejected,negated just by clinging to "I" thought.So if we go on inquiring "who am i" like that we are bound to find that ego is ephemeral.

So this inquiry leads to dissolution of false "I" i.e ego, in awareness.Once we are aware of the ego process a distance is created between our consciousness and the ego and we no longer give energy to it.

Ego is not self sustaining entity unlike the Self,so if energy supply is stopped
because we are aware of it,it subsides slowly and naturally and it lasts for quite sometime even after energy supply is cut to it till its past momentum comes to zero level.

Many feel that they get some answer by doing "who am i' inquiry if they go on doing it sincerely.There is going to be no answer.It is only that the question and the questioner will dissolve.Then there will be no one to ask the question "who am i".

When you existentially that false 'I' is not,the "real I" opens.When the ego is not,you are for the first time encountering your being.That being is a conscious void.So when you become aware of ego it dissolves.

Try to find out whether there is any center in you that you can call your "I".Go deep down within yourself,go on trying to find out where is this "I',Where is the abode of this ego.So Self-inquiry is the process of negating the false 'I',it is not a technique in literal sense.

When you are an ego,you are like a peak.Ego means you are above every one else
whether they recognize it or not.Because you feel like a peak nothing can enter you.
With Self-inquiry we find that ego does not exist.Then one becomes a depth,a valley,a vacant space,like a conscious sky which cannot be bound to anything.

We can bind somethingness but we cannot bind nothingness.When we find our being which is nothing but bottomless vacuum,in that void the whole existence begins to pour into our being from everywhere.

This type of feeling that we are a conscious void happens when we surrender our ego to a mater and he begins to flow into us immediately.

If we cannot feel energy flowing into we must know well that we have not surrendered our ego to the master who is none other than your own Self.

Once we know that through surrender we receive something unknown,unbelievable,unexpected,never even dreamed of, then we surrender to
the existence totally.(Poorna saranagathi).So surrendering to the master gives you the courage for total surrender.

So Self-inquiry is the process of dissolving the false "I" in Self awareness which implies surrendering of ego to the Self awareness.In this way "when you are not as the ego",for the first time you are "as you really are".

About the Author

Sri Suryanarayana Raju is interested in Self-Enquiry in the light of Sri Ramana Maharshi,Osho,JK.He wrote two books on "Self-Enquiry" and "Commented on Upadesa Saram and Akshara Mana Malai". available for download at web/ramana-maharshi


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