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Ramana Maharshi About Transition Stage When We Are Awaking From The Dream State

26th Feb 1946

A visitor told Bhagavan: "Even in my dream, I sometimes feel that I am dreaming i.e. I am conscious that it is a dream and that a fall there, for instance, cannot hurt me and so on. How is that?"


How can that be? Even in a dream three must be hurt consequent on a fall. On the other hand, if you are aware it is a dream, you are no longer dreaming.At the best,it may be the transition stage when you are awaking from the dream state.

Another visitor told Bhagavan that some of his dream experiences stood very firmly rooted in his mind, while others were not remembered at all.

Bhagavan remarked:

"All that we see is a dream, whether we see it in the dream state or in the waking state.On account of some arbitrary standards about the duration of experience and so on,we all one experience a dream experience and another a waking experience. With reference to Reality, both the experiences are unreal.

Source: Day by Day By Devaraja Mudaliar

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