Wednesday, 16 December 2009

"Laddu Kavalene" from Ramana Leela

During giri pradakshina an interesting event occurred.

Once a devotee took up the chanting of Tiruppugazh which contained hymns in praise of Lord Subrahmanya. In one of the lines the expression Valli Kavalene occurred,which meant Protector of Valli. The devotee was so overcome by devotion that he began repeating the word "Kavalene." In his emotional state he forgot the Tamil meaning (Protector) of the word and somehow switched on to its Telugu meaning which is "I want."

Not only that,he kept on saying, "Laddu Kavalene," "Vada kavalene," (meaning "I want laddu", "I want vada") and repeated various eatables in the process. Those accompanying him burst into laughter whereupon he came to his senses. By the time
the party reached the next mantapa by a coincidence various devotees brought the very same items and served the party.Everyone was wonder-struck at this coincidence. When
the Lord and Source of all treasure was close by all that the devotee could ask for were some eatables and he got what he asked for.

How can one escape one's prarabdha?

Source: Arunachala Ramana's Volume V Book

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