Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sri RamaKrishna says purpose of reading scriptures is to know God alone is real and everything else is illusory

THERE was a king who used daily to hear the Bhagavata recited by a pandit. Every day, after explaining the sacred book, the pandit would say to the king, "O King, have you understood what I have said?" And every day the king would reply,"You had better understand it first yourself." The pandit would return home and think; "Why does the king talk to me that way day after day? I explain the texts to him so clearly, and he says to me, “you had better understand it first yourself”. What does he mean?" The pandit used to practise spiritual discipline.

A few days later he came to realise that God alone is real and everything else - house,family, wealth, friends, name, and fame - illusory.Convinced of the unreality of the world, he renounced it.

As he left home he asked a man to take this message to the king: "O king, I now understand."

Source: Tales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna

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RafeStoneman said...

if he truly understood, then why the need to leave home?