Thursday, 2 July 2009

It is for the sake of the Self (Atman) we love god

Man :- Though it may have been so, now, I love my Beloved God for the sake of His love only.Is this also selfishness?

Guru :- You are now praying to Him, as if you have no selfishness, that He should not give you anything except that He should appear before you and be with you.Suppose, you came to know that He has been giving His Darshan to all others, but has decided not to appear ever before you; would YOU still love Him? Thus it means that you are really loving (having devotion for) “your” Self,the target towards which the love of your Beloved God is expected to turn. This is why the Vedas proclaim, “It is for the sake of the Self (Atman) that everything is dear...”. So, Self is the dearest of all.

Source: The Path of Sri Ramana PART TWO By Sri Sadhu Om

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I feel pleasure to see such a person like u. I would request you to use ur content about bhagavan so as to translate it into telugu and put into my blog on bhagavan.